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EHP Trade Elektrik Hydraulik Pneumatik

Our production program


We are partners in all questions relating to hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical engineering, special machine and device construction, automation, leak measurement technology and - what is very important - in the interaction of these technologies.


For over 40 years.




By the way: Engineering is also a specialty of our company. We plan for you or support and advise you on planned or existing projects regarding conversion, expansion and optimization of work processes.

  • Sensors (inductive, capacitive,
    magnetic, optical, etc.)

  • encoder

  • level technology

  • isolation switching amplifier

  • valve control modules etc.

  • suction filter

  • return filter

  • Pressure and high-pressure filters

  • Filling and ventilation filter

  • Accessories for filters and containers

  • aggregates

  • valves, blocks,

  • Accessories, screw connections

  • Complete hydraulic systems including piping and commissioning, hydraulic hoses

  • Plant construction, jig construction

  • E controls

  • Engineering

  • explosion protection

  • Shut-off, control and regulating valves

  • Cylinder, control pneumatics

  • fittings, accessories

  • Pneumatic controls with conventional and logic modules

  • complete test stands

  • Leak detection systems

  • media valves,

  • Shut-off, control and regulating valves,

  • stainless steel valves,

  • Ex versions

  • Pneumatic drives

  • cylinder

  • hydro checks

  • Poppet and spool valves

  • maintenance devices

  • .... and much more

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