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Ex - protection

Ex d controls

Flameproofed enclosures

Fluidtechnik Fiedler GmbH is your partner for solutions relating to potentially explosive areas.


Our Ex d enclosures of the FTE B/C series are used to set up controls, distribution or terminal boxes. They differ in design for the corresponding gas group B and C and are made of stainless steel, sheet steel or aluminium.


Exd switches and lamps can be integrated directly in the cover.

The Ex d housings can be used alone or in combination with terminal boxes "increased safety"Ex e or "intrinsic safety"Ex i.


As a combination line bushings are installed for electrical connection between the Exd enclosure and the Exe/i terminal box.


Exd IIB + H2 enclosure with junction box


Data sheet Exd housing

FTEBxx Ex control

ATEX certificate

TÜV 11 ATEX 7777X


Certificate IECEx

IECEx TUR 12.0005X

Exd IIC housing(explosion protection)

Technical specifications:

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