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Ex - protection

Ex control and terminal boxes

Increased safety Exe / intrinsic safety Exi

Fluidtechnik Fiedler GmbH is your partner for solutions relating to potentially explosive areas.


Our FTE series terminal boxes are used for distributing or bundling signals for intrinsically safe or increased safety applications. We use boxes made of glass fiber reinforced polyester, aluminum and stainless steel as standard materials. The boxes have a high IP protection and are approved for use in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas.


Furthermore, the boxes can be used as control boxes and switches and indicating lamps can be integrated directly into the cover.


Do you need an Ex-certified control cabinet?

This is also possible. Contact us.


Ex e control box


Data sheet Ex terminal boxes

FTExxx Ex control

ATEX certificate

TÜV 11 ATEX 7777X


Certificate IECEx

IECEx TUR 12.0005X

Ex e ia junction box(explosion protection)

Technical specifications:

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