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Quality system

ISO 9001:2015 certification - certified since 2009


All processes in the company that have a direct or indirect influence on the provision of our products/services are defined by the QM system in such a way that the fulfillment of customer requirements is ensured. To do this, it is necessary to implement these specifications in day-to-day work and to constantly adapt them to the needs of the company and customers and markets. ​


Here are the current certificates for download:

Fiedler ISO9001-2015-DE-Zert.jpg
Fiedler ISO9001-2015-EN-Zert.jpg

Certified to

Explosion protection directive 2014/34/EU    ---->

Quality policy

With our quality management system, we pursue the following quality policy:


  • customer orientation in Customer service and support

  • Implementation, safeguarding and evaluation of corporate and quality goals

  • implementation and selfcreation der quality requirements

  • Mastery of operational processes

  • Contribution to a continuous improvement process

  • Ensuring internal and external communication

  • Involvement and active participation of employees in quality assurance and improvement

  • Ensuring the necessary qualification of personnel and equipment

  • Reduction of errors and error costs

  • Improvement in profitability


Every effort is therefore made to ensure that we only sell products whose quality standard fully meets the following requirements:


  • Compliance with the agreed requirements of our customers

  • Compliance with requirements resulting from applicable legal, official and normative requirements, in particular the ATEX EX protection directive 2014/34/EU (if necessary)

  • Compliance with requirements from environmental policy regulations


In order to guarantee the consistent quality of our products/services, there is a quality management system that is subject to regular review and supplementation. All quality assurance measures, activities and tests required for this are coordinated within the framework of the company organization and are fully supported by the management.

For this reason, the management has decided to introduce, maintain and further develop a QM system that is optimally suited to our company structure and our production and which is based on the verification requirements of the following standard:


DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


The introduction of this policy is monitored by internal and external audits as well as the management review (QM assessment) by the management.

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